F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Q) Can a vehicle wrap be removed after it has been on for several years?

(A) Yes.  As long as a high quality vinyl product like Avery-Dennison wrap vinyls are used, the wrap can be removed without problems and without leaving any glue.  The only glue that may have to be cleaned off with alcohol would be any areas where “Primer 94” adhesive promoter was used.
For this reason, I keep my use of Primer 94 to a minimum.

Ask us about old wrap and graphics removal.
If you have an old wrap on your vehicle that you would like to replace or remove, we will be happy to give you a quote on removing it.
If we did not install it, then of course we cannot say what the paint looks like under the wrap, but we have very professional and gentle methods of removing old wraps and there will be no damage directly caused by improper removal methods.
We can remove wraps, stripes and letteing off of cars, vans, boats or box trucks without damaging the vehicle surface.
If high quality vinyl was used on the wrap, removal will be less costly because no glue should be left behind to clean. If cheap vinyl was used, cleaning the glue that is left behind will add to the cost of removal. Also, if no over-laminate was used, removing the wrap will be more costly. (Note: if a quality vinyl and over-laminate like the Avery-Dennison or 3M wrap vinyls we use at Shabob Signs, is used when the wrap is installed, you will save money when it comes time to be removed. So don’t look for the cheapest quote on a wrap without knowing about the brand of vinyl and over- laminate that is being installed).
Quotes of vinyl removals will be estimated, but final price is based on an hourly rate of the time it took to remove the vinyl. Any quote for removal is only to give a general idea of what the cost may be.

(Q) Can a vehicle wrap be taken through a car wash?

(A) Yes.  After a short period of time (faster in warm weather) and the wrap has set up, it can be taken through a car wash without any problems. It is better not to use high pressure washers because it is possible for the pressurized water to lift a corner of the wrap, which could lead to problems.
The wrap can be waxed using the bottled product called “Ice” wax by Turtle wax to keep the wrap’s new glossy shine.

(Q) Is the carwrap actually “shrunk-wrapped” on to the vehicle using heat?

(A) No. Small amounts of heat is used to relax the vinyl while installing the wrap. As the wrap vinyl is pulled around the contours of the vehicle, it will have a tenancy to bunch up.  A little heat will relax the vinyl so that it will regain its original shape, and can continue to be applied without wrinkles.
Heat has to be used very carefully to prevent “whiting” of the print and over-stretching of the vinyl.
Heat is also used to “set” the wrap after it has been installed.  Because of the PVC content in the wrap vinyl, it will have a strong tenancy to return to its original flat shape that it had on the roll.  Experienced installers will carefully use heat to remove the “memory” from the installed wrap vinyl so that it will permanently remain where it is installed.

(Q) I have a picture that I downloaded from the internet.  Can I use it on my wrap?

(A) Only pictures that are a high resolution can be used on a wrap. Most pictures from the internet are greatly reduced in size and optimized for loading quickly into the browser. Unless you purchase high resolution pictures from places like https://www.auroragraphics.net/ or stock photography sites like http://www.istockphoto.com or http://us.fotolia.com, most likely, pictures downloaded from the internet will not lend themselves to the enlargement required for artwork on a vehicle wrap.
You would, at the least, want a picture that would be around 24″x36″ at 180 dpi, or about the resolution that can be taken by a fairly good digital camera (not a cell phone). Of course, the higher the resolution of the picture, the better the results.
Below is a list of good websites for finding stock photography.


(Q) Someone gave me a much cheaper price. Will you be willing to do it for that price?

(A) At Shabob Signs, our prices are based on using quality products such as Mimaki (OEM) solvent based inks (not a cheaper generic replacement ink), high quality vinyl and lamination products produced by Avery-Dennison or 3M and proven – certified installation techniques. There is no cutting corners.
As with anything else, “You get what you pay for”.
Unfortunately, many companies are using cheaper vinyl products and either not laminating at all, or using liquid laminate, rather then much more durable (an more costly) cold laminating, which adhers a clear layer of vinyl over the graphic. This clear layer is UV resistant, protects the wrap from scratches, greatly increases its attractive life and allows it to be easily and cleanly removed after years of use.
Cutting out the lamination, or using liquid laminate will greatly shorten the attractiveness and life of the wrap and make it almost impossible to cleanly remove when that time comes. Yet this is usually where shops will save their money to sell a wrap, at the customer’s expense.
Result of either no lamination or liquid laminate
Results of no lamination or liquid laminating

Poor installation techniques can result in a faster install that is less costly to produce, but will also greatly reduce the attractive life of the wrap.